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    Global Natural Foods provides tailored solutions for our customers and suppliers. By specializing in fruit juice concentrates, purees, essences, citrus oils and frozen fruits, we have developed an unparalleled network of global suppliers enabling us to provide customers with an end to end solution for their industrial fruit ingredients.


Our capabilities include:


Global Natural Foods sources conventional and unique ingredients from trustworthy suppliers and understands the factors necessary to make the right match between supplier and customer. Not all suppliers are appropriate for every customer. We make sure our suppliers’ products meet not only the technical specifications our customers require, but also the production timeline and their business expectations. We help our suppliers find homes for their ingredients, be it on a long term contract or a one-time basis.

Technical Knowledge

We provide both customers and suppliers with technical knowledge and market insights gained over many years in the business. The Global Natural Foods’ staff has an extensive global network that shares information; creating the two-way street that is an important part of our mission. Our in-depth knowledge of industry trends and practices helps our customers plan accordingly – making sure there will be consistent supply at a predictable future cost.

Supply Chain Management

GNF staff has the experience and expertise to make sure the supply chain from product source to our customer’s door is as smooth as possible. We won’t drop the ball. From ascertaining the product source’s reliability, fulfilling customs entry and FDA clearance, utilizing our comprehensive network of truckers and warehousing solutions, and solving any problems we encounter along the way, we’ll make sure you get what you need when you need it.

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  • Services
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